View and download the latest version of the mouth care guidance and support in cancer and palliative care.

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A comprehensive update on the pharmacology of Oral Mucositis including an introduction video and useful documents.

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Useful information including reviews and citations from leading Oral Mucositis experts across the United Kingdom.

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Meet the experienced core group and expert reviewers behind The UK Oral Management in Cancer Care Group.

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UK Oral Management in Cancer Care Group

The United Kingdom Oral Management in Cancer Care Group (UKOMiC), is a multi-professional group of oral care experts working in cancer and palliative care.

The group have drawn on their expertise and the most up-to-date evidence to support guidance on, prevention and treatment of oral problems secondary to disease and cancer treatments including radiation, systemic therapies and surgery.

Having delivered several multi-professional study days across the United Kingdom, numerous educational workshops and lectures and having collaborated with a number of international bodies, this guidance first published in 2012 has been updated and developed reflecting the most up to date research and expert guidance.

The guidance are aimed at all health care professionals involved in the care of patients with cancer. It is anticipated that it can be adapted to other clinical settings, including palliative and end of life care, and other specialist areas such as elderly care and patients with dementia.

Is the oral care of cancer patients being neglected?

I think it’s an excellent resource - I think the appendices would be particularly useful in the clinical setting.R. Logan
President International Society for Oral Oncology
I absolutely love the stratification of people at risk. We tried to get it, but somehow couldn’t find a clear position. So I will use yours as an inspiration for our second edition. D. Riesenbeck
Oncologist, Germany
I think this is an excellent, user-friendly document, your group has done outstanding work.A. Hovan
Dentist, Canada